HIS - Hotel Information System

HIS (Hotel Information System) is a complete solution, encompassing all the segments of hotel business:

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  1. Selling - Making reservations
    It’s used for a quick and efficient search of available rooms, available package offers, and it enables the maximum utilization of the hotel capacities in the commercial sense.
  2. Reception desk
    Making reservations, checking in and out, canceling reservations. room changes, extensions of reservations, changes of package offers, making of automatic records of the additional services, cash office, making of automatic entries in the journal, daily reports, generation of maintenance work orders, generation of daily work orders for the kitchen, creation of work orders for GK...
  3. e-Booking
    Administration of the user portal, automatic updating of the data regarding hotels and resources, price lists, reservation confirmation, reporting of confirmed and refused reservations, uploading pictures and multimedia databases, administering of the internal mail list, review of logs.
  4. Management system - Business Intelligence (BI)
    BI is a set of methods and software tools which enables the usage the data stored in a database and the conversion of those data into the information required for making business-related decisions.

WEB Hotel is a distributed information system for hotel administration that works 24/7. It is designed for those hotels that do not have the infrastructure needed for hosting HIS but who wish to conduct their business in a quick, efficient and modern way.

WEB Hotel is accessed via the Internet through a secure channel and apart from an Internet browser no additional software is needed.

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