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Business Intelligence: MegaBI portal is a set of software tools that enables the usage of data from the data storage and the conversion of those data into the information needed for making business-related decisions.

The data storage keeps records about the buyers, suppliers, processes. The Business Intelligence System provides for the argument-based negotiations with the suppliers and buyers, high-quality operational planning, tracking of the actions of competition, analysis of particular segments of the market as well as making predictions about future developments. The Business Intelligence System also offers a better understanding of your own buyers and the realization about their motivation for certain actions.

This portal was created using .NET technology and Office web components.

The portal characteristics are:
  1. A simple, user-friendly interface.
  2. The possibility of displaying the information only via the pivot table, chart, or the combination of the two.
  3. Saving a user-defined report as a template.
  4. Users are capable of starting a multidimensional presentation (cubes).
  5. The export of user-defined reports into MS Excel.

The data integration, periodic reporting and the presentation of the global picture of business are no more just an advantage, but a necessity for every market-oriented company.

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