PIS - Business Information system

PIS (Business Information system) is a solution that encompasses as well as controls all the business processes, sub-processes and activities within a firm.

Program modules: financial business, cash office, financial accounting, manufacturing, invoicing, fixed assets, handling of human resources

Specifications: high- level control of the data access and performance of the application, integrity, capability of being used as a set of parameters, functionality, automation of each business process, reporting system accommodated for each individual user...

  1. Tracking of revenues in bars, kitchens, ice-cream parlors, store houses and in hotels and restaurants (tracking of all non-boarding related services).
  2. Automatic creation of debentures for all facilities-real status of supplies at any given time.
  3. Tracking of sales of food and beverages at individual retail outlets.
  4. Tracking of production based on normative.
  5. Requisition of raw materials for the need of production on either daily level, or over the course of some specified time period.
  6. Gross and net requirements of production are available at any given time.
  7. Production planning.
  8. Making account entries of the output of raw materials based on regulations, requisition and/or the inventory of supplies.
  9. Possibility of forming the selling price of an article /end product/ based on the purchace price of normative, costs and margin.
  10. Daily information about the spent food articles in the kitchen and the level of consumption in the restaurant.

With the help of a complex system of reporting, PIS helps your managers make the important decisions.

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