Design and implementation of application software Megatrend is an information systems integrator with extensive expertise in business and banking process automation, marketing and business analysis and advanced programming solutions data warehousing. We take pride in our competence to bring business and data knowledge together with the latest in software technologies. The state of the art provided to the benefit of our customers.

Megatrend’s clear focus on business processes and on the re-engineering of business and banking processes has enabled us to respond to the needs of businesses with effective and innovative technological solutions.

Making information available real-time for real analysis to the end-user with a friendly visual interface is inevitable in today's fast paced business world. Achieving this goal is much more than learning to use the necessary software tools. We have experience in the architecture, design and development of these applications. Megatrend has experience in data modeling, design, data warehousing, OLAP and Executive Information Systems, and very large database development, as well as in the design of development of user interfaces that meet client needs. Our project teams work very closely with the client management to insure that the system and data content are fully in line with expectations.

Our solutions
BIS - Banking Information System
Information system for banks. Find more.
PIS - Business Information system
Information system for small and medium companies. Find more.
HIS - Hotel Information System
Information system for hotels and motels. Find more.
RIS - Restaurant information system
Information system for restaurants and cafes . Find more.
MegaBI - Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence. Find more.
eBank - eBanking
Information system for banks. Find more.

Web sites
  1. the SoftHalf Design Group - Visit site
  2. Shmeker construction company - Visit site
  3. Lukes Custom home builders - Visit site
  4. Retina Institute of Illinois - Visit site
  5. eBank - Visit site
  6. Opština Žitorađa - Visit site

Megatrend a.d. Niš is a seller of personal computers and computer-related equipment. Our shop is located in Vozdova 114 street, 18000 Niš, where, with the help of our skilled sellers, you can choose the computer configuration that best suits your needs at reasonable prices. The office hours of the shop are 9am-8pm. Find more.


Megatrend a.d. Niš is specialized in designing and implementation of all types of networks. The tasks of designing, installation and implementation of networks are performed by our workers with the experience of over 60 fully completed network installations. Find more.

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