RIS - Information system for restaurants
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It consists of:

  • Detailed waiter database.
  • Graphic display of table positions /no limit in the number of tables/.
  • Printing on a fiscal printer:
    • preliminary receipt,
    • order for the bar counter,
    • order for the kitchen /ice-cream parlor/,
    • order for the reception desk.
  • Direct making of accounting entries for restaurant services to hotel guests.
  • Possibility of independent defining of couver, the percentage of entertainment /music, etc./.
  • Printing of the final receipt with the base of the business partners, the independent creation of the physical appearance of the receipt.
  • Creating of the menu based on individual preferences, defining of the shortcuts for the each individual waiter.
  • Displaying the realized revenue for a specific day/period (table/chart) based either on each individual waiter or as a sum.
  • Tracking of the sale of an article over a specific period (table/chart).
  • Displaying the articles that sold the most in a table or chart view.
  • Controlling the work of the waiters ( what has been sold, what profit has a waiter realized…), displaying the amount of the sold articles for the waiters (both individually and as the sum) over a specified period of time.
  • Displaying the status of the bar counter (table/chart), the book of the bar counter, DPU form….
  • Making the inventory (forms, surplus/shortage...).
  • Quick and easy storing of data.
  • Database is encrypted and protected from any unauthorized use.
  • One restaurant supports one administrative account and the limitless number of waiter accounts, each of those being password protected.
  • Unique design and functional interface.
  • Optimized for numerical keypad and touch screen.
  • ...
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